So much for Kitty Weight Watchers…



My darling Snack Pack has been on “Kitty Weight Watchers” since January. Every Saturday, my husband and I weigh her and track her progress on a chart on the bathroom floor. So far she’s lost 0.4 lbs. Thanks to Le Bistro Pet Feeder, she’d fed twice a night… and if I sleep with my bedroom door closed, my ears won’t get gnawed off and sometimes I can sleep through the yowling! Snack Pack decided she had enough of dieting…

Submitted by: Crystal

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  • Catlover

    With a name like Snack Pack, I guess it was to be expected? Maybe you should change her name to Snack Attack?

  • splatman

    Time to put her on Kitty Jenny Craig now.

  • Marieecoe

    Goes to show withholding food don’t work.