(@&#^@% Hound Dog!



Mothers Day 2008

I get home at 1:30 am and Tucker is HYPER, running thru the house…I just let him tear @$$, he’s been locked up all night and as long as he wasn’t barking – we were cool – well after I got done checking my email I noticed the air was full of feathers? That’s weird, Tuck has never drummed up feathers before? Huh, wonder what it could be? Went into my bedroom and the down comforter is SHREDDED…here take a look!

Do y’all know how hard it is to clean up feathers? I just turned off the light, shut the door and slept on the couch…..Feather-gate has been going on an hour now and I can still see feathers!

bed 2


Submitted by: Jennifer Custer

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  • Dazedtrucker

    He was just looking for the bird that must be in there somewhere

  • http://profiles.google.com/abreakenridge Amanda Bernard

    I love the picture of Tucker with wet sticky feathers stuck to his face, priceless :) I wonder if he was disappointed that he didn’t find the bird?

  • Edmcclanahan79

    Look at his nostrils….too funny.

  • guest

    So funny! I can relate to cleaning up down. I work in a down comforter factory. THank goodness for shop vacs!

  • Tiffany

    I laughed so hard I started crying! My dog does stuff like this all the time. However, the feathers shoved up the nostrils was the icing on the cake.