The Ultimate Watch Dog



Chino loves keeping watch of what is going on around the neighborhood. He took it upon himself to make a peephole conveniently located at his height. The screen was replaced time and time again. We finally replaced it with plexi glass.


Submitted by: Lauren Dwyer Velazquez

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  • Judi Jamieson

    That is to cute….;o)  Im sure it wouldnt be if it was my door though..;oP

  • Zelda Moon

    How CUTE! 😀  I had a cat who did the same thing, made his own pet door.

  • Snappystuff

    I can so relate!

  • Srewolf2008

    My dog ate our couch…..

  • Vixen09

    love it you just gotta love the things our pets do we would be so bored if we didnt have them.

  • Amanda Bernard

    oh my goodness, that is just adorable. Although I am sure it was not every time you had to replace the screen door. Now let’s hope he doesn’t decide to bust a peep hole through your plexi glass 😛