I used to leave SofieGirl in my friend’s apt restroom when we were out. Last time we were gone less than two hours and we came home to find this. After the $140 replacement door, we no longer confine her. I do think though that we should rename her to something including the word termite.


Submitted by: Bea

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  • Zelda Moon

    Holy cow!  That is a determined pup. :)

  • jenn

    My dog did this. Now they have to be chained up in the back yard most every time I leave! 

  • Iz

    …. the term “crate training” comes to mind. you can get a wire crate pretty cheap, either at a pet store or on Craigslist. It’s easier on the dogs than being chained out back and you dont have to worry about the dog destroying the house.

  • Toni Flexen Norcross

    My dog has her beat! He ate a hole through the side of the house. From the outside. My dog also ate through a crate. We just don’t leave him home anymore.

  • Whatever789

    Why lock a dog in a tiny restroom at all?
    You deserved that mess she made.

  • Irisboekhouder

    Locking your dog in a restroom?????? Never heard about that, no wonder the dog got a little bit upset!

  • Shawnalin22

    We adopted an akita 3 years ago we put him in the room with my lab mix they destroyed my side of the room. put him big bathroom he destroys towel, in small bathroom eats through door…turns out he is claustrophobic!

  • WaxPoetica

    He thought you were never ever coming back…ever!  So he panicked.

  • Moira

    This is a very unhappy clever dog who is telling you not to leave it alone so long