My Ability To See



I was running late one morning getting ready for work and couldn’t find my glasses. As I was searching through the house I heard an unnatural *crunch* and looked up to see one of my two darlings munching on my Fendi frames. I guess they didn’t like my replacement frames either ’cause a few months later they did the same thing! The LensCrafters people are starting to know me a little too well…I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, the 2nd picture is what they do to a large veal shank in no time at all…


Submitted by: Sonia

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  • Jamie!

    I can most definitely sympathize with this since I not only went through it with our first dog a few months after we got her: same situation, 2 sets of glasses.  But AGAIN last year when we got our second puppy; again 2 sets of glasses.  I have since learned that at night, the only time my glasses come off of my face, that they need to be inside the drawer of my nightstand otherwise they become breakfast the next morning.  I also learned to get the protection plan on them as a “just in case” measure!

  • Cpalmisanodillard

    May I recommend

    So glad that’s not a trick my dogs learned!

  • kmeltzer3

    Veal? Glasses?  Hummm, I see the similarity!  Did you ask them if they liked the taste of Fendi plastic and glass?