I Needed New Chaps Actually



Our Corgi mix and Heinz 57 have been cohorts of disaster previously, usually keeping the carnage to underwear and socks with the occasional shoe. Fun times ensued when I came home from a 20 minute (max) errand in August. Apparently the leg of these jeans must have been hanging just far enough for the Corgi to yank them out of the hamper.

He is known for redecorating with folded hand towels and bath mats, his prime target, however, is usually my husbands gym bag and work boots. The Mutt is known for eating panties and shoes, this must have been the chocolate bar at the all you can eat cruise ship buffet and just too good for her to pass up.

When I emailed the photo to my vet, the one word response?
“Impressive!”. If you have pets, you know that for your vet to say that in regards to something your dogs have done that you have a pretty damn noteworthy incidence of sh*t my dogs ruined.

Submitted by: Wendy Hixson

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  • Deemorrisphotos

    love it lol… 

  • Repusa

    I take it you weren’t wearing the jeans when this happened

  • Sandycole2005

    My Darling Abbie-a petite Tortie Girl has chewed up 2 sets of Mini Blinds,the corner of the headboard on our bed, the corner of the Fish Tank Holder,and pulls every string out of every pair of lounge pants she can get hold of. Oh Darling Abbie!

  • http://profiles.google.com/abreakenridge Amanda Bernard

    Those look like they used to be a nice pair of jeans….I like how he chewed only the inner thigh areas and left the rest of the jeans alone lol

  • Soon2bemrsd

    my dog used to to this with underwear!!the only way i could keep him away from them was to take them straight for the washer when they were taken off!

  • Pmgates

    My dog just did the same thing, except it was an almost brand new pair of dress pants.  He has managed to eat three pairs of my yoga pants and ofcourse countless pairs of underwear.  He is back to being crated!!!