The Bear Got Whacked!



I left the house for about ten minutes to run a quick errand. While away my foster dog Dutchess decided my 4yr old’s bear needed to be taught a lesson. The rest of the stuffed animals have fallen in line nicely. The second picture is her looking a little guilty.


Submitted by: Karen

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  • Monterey_mama

    I love how there’s “obstacles” on the chairs, so doggie doesn’t get up on them 😉

  • Buzindon

    I know its a big ‘ol mess but what fun for the dog! Makes me smile, thanks for sharing.

  • Alice Ramirez

    Dutchess doesnt look guilty to me. She looks quietly proud of herself. It is exactly the same facial expression my tomcat gets after he has sprayed my gas fireplace insert heater.

  • Sharellewodehouse

    ummm.. she doesn’t look guilty to me. She looks like a proud assassin waiting for the co-ordinates of her next “mark” :)
    very beautiful dog. (chair is probably gonna get it next for being obstructive to her relaxation plans)

  • Xotothestarzxo

    do you happen to live in maryland? we rescued a dog that looked exactly like this and her name was dutchie 

  • Auntiefatcat

    I don’t think you appreciate just how brave your Duchess was by defending you from a vicious bear attack…