First Grade Halloween Treat Bags



I thought it was cute for my new shelter kitty to “help” with the treat bags my daughter and I had filled for her class. His contribution was taking a dump in the box on the bags a few minutes later.

Submitted by: Vanessa

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  • Kryssy Oyagi

    Well, it does resemble a litterbox, after all.

  • Zelda Moon

    This is my favorite post ever. 😀  Been there! 

  • Amanda Bernard

    Your cat looks just like a cat that I used to have. And this is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    wow we just rescued a kitty who looks a lot like him. I’m now very worried…..

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Well “trick or treat” does include trick 😉

  • Okidoll

    We also adopted two kittens who look just like this. We call them the ginger devils. They are two brothers. They blow through the house like two dust devils.

  • Anonymous

    Been there, cats done that~!