Sherman LOVES Meatballs!



Sherman is a foster kitten that LOVES people food! He climbed up on the counter to knock off a casserole dish of leftover meatballs. Bad boy, Sherman! :)

Submitted by: House of the Discarded

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  • Rquaintance

    Don’t feel bad/be mad, I have a “bulldozer” of a cat too that likes to knock stuff off of tables, dressers, etc. 

    • Rose Kowalski

      me, too!! But at the same time they make great squishy pillows :)

  • Rose Kowalski


  • Rose Kowalski

    nice looking meatballs, too!  Love how he’s eyeing that one in front…

  • Laura Wednesday

    What a jerk! Couldn’t just eat the meatballs on the counter, had to knock the dish off & break it! lol

  • Auntiefatcat

    Looks like a case for CSI…!