Redecorating Rats


One day during my freshman year of college, my sister and I returned to our dorm room to find that our pet rats had decided to do some redecorating of their own.


Submitted by: Kelsey Goens

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  • Kelsie Fink

    Awwh! lol I love Ratties… :3

  • Rose Kowalski

    nice curtain-nibbling :)

  • Whaaaaat?

    Deserved for having rats as pets?

    • MadRatter

      They make good pets actually 😉

  • Cleverwabbit

    So cute and so smart, they wanted a little color in their abode

  • Casey B

    Oh my gosh, I have three rats and I’ve never seen that much ratty destruction!  

  • Bob

    I love what they’ve done with the space.

  • Ashley Roseanna Combs

    My hairless rat ate my prom dress. I sure appreciated it.

  • Creepyucmama

    Hahaha….we temporarily had our rattie girls in the bathroom during cage changes…needless to say, our vinyl shower curtain met the same fate.

  • Nwhittington08

    This makes me miss my ratties :(

  • Nwhittington08

    This makes me miss my ratties :(

  • DareSqueal

    This is so awesome!  My rats have done the same thing with a window curtain, a doorframe, a jacket left on the chair next to the cage, and a vacuum cleaner cord.

  • Supertrisha

    Omg my rattie did the same thing – to my graduation gown- three days before graduation!!!