Christmas Candle Chaos



This Victorian table came from my grandmother’s house and has sat in our foyer for nearly 20 years. It had survived a flood and a fire in the past, but these forces of nature were no match for one 17-pound orange and white cat. We keep our keys in the bowl next to the door, and this big guy would often run and jump on the table if he saw us getting ready to leave the house. This time he got up a little too much momentum and there went the table crashing to the floor. One leg is broken off, and everything on top went flying. Fortunately the candles were not lit and no one was injured. Grandma would not be pleased that one of her great-grandcats trashed her table, but I still love them anyway!


Submitted by: Carolyn H.

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  • Jean M

    Quite the cat-astrophe, but I am feline sure that the table still has a few lives left.

  • PandasEatRamen

    Aww the Kitty’s kinda like “Did I do that?”