Hardware Engineer With Wings



Oodie the Alexandrine parakeet. He’s about 8mths old here…the forbidden stuff is always the crunchiest….they never tire of it, I’m looking forward to decades of ruined stuff.

Submitted by: Oodies Dad

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Cox/100002138540121 Linda Cox

    I have the same kind of Parakeet, but he is at least 6 years old,, I have had him that long and he was about a year or so then,, I love him, but he is loud and messy,,, he loves to be on the porch, which is where he stays when the weather permits….I also haveabout 9 cats, 8 outside 1 inside and a 3 lbs. dog inside who is 3 years old…..have to say,, even with the messes they make (and trust me they do make messes) I still love them……

    • Dbruner

      My Macaw, Merlin has ruined many a keyboard!!  He is now 13, and if the coast is clear, he will start pulling keys off.