My Ability to Separate Laundry in PEACE!



As I’m separating the laundry, Winter decides to lay down in the pile of colored clothes. I assume he’s gonna move when he gets hit with the clothing but he just sits there.. Needless to say, he ended up buried in a mountain of clothes!

BTW those are my lovely panties around his head!

Submitted by: Keisha

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  • Missy Vail

    We have 8 dogs and 6 cats… yes.. we are insane.  6 of the little dogs sleep on the bed with us at night, the Doberman and Border Collie/Jack Russell mix (we think) sleeps in the laundry room attached to our room.  We put up a half door so they can still hear us and are not closed completely in.  Well.. my Doberman has a habit of pulling out all the clothes from the clothes basket and spreading them all over the floor so he can sleep on them.  He does this even though I put down a great big fluffy comforter for him to sleep on.  Drives me up the wall. The hampers with the lids don’t even help, he has managed to get those open as well.

    • Rgreeneyes

      Wel does he at least seperate Whites from Colors?

  • Amanda Bernard

    Reminds me of my cat. He loves to lay in the basket of clean laundry. And he stays there even when I throw a load of laundry on top of him…I have to move some of the clothes off his head for fear he’ll just lay there and suffocate lol

  • U R Retarded

    Is there a reason you felt it necessary to point out your nasty crotch wrappers? No one cares about your “lovely panties” you stupid attention whore.

    • Why yes you are…..

      Is there a reason you felt it necessary to leave a derogatory remark, on this person post that is sharing.

  • Rquaintance

    My cat “used” to  rumple around in the laundry until the day that I  put the bedding in the washer with him in the washing machine.
    I didn’t know he was in with the sheets until the washer started to fill up.

    • Anonymous

       Yipes! LOL! Did the sheets survive the frantic scramble to claw his arse out of there? 😀

  • Rob

    U R kid of an asshole.

  • Tulip_131

    Our cat does a simillar thing, when it is time to fold the laundry he decides to sit on the clothes I’m folding. Apparently he thinks it’s play time