What? I thought it was dog door!

Dog Door

The cat door was destroyed by a rescue bulldog …. Yaya thought that meant she had an ongoing open hole for entry and exit. My husband put in the new door, leaving a few screws loose for fitment purposes… Yaya decided that this catdoor was just NOT going to deter her ingress/egress. She’s gotta contract, dammit!

Submitted by: Heather Wood

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  • Jean Mittelstaedt

    Best laugh-out-loud moment I’ve had in a long time! ¬†Great pic, and I love the look on her face!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/abreakenridge Amanda Bernard

    LOL! I truly laughed out loud, that is just so funny and the look on her face is even funnier!

  • Lindaoleary

    Hilarious! But, if this is a bulldog, then a poodle is a chihuahua!

  • Astarte27

    Are you a lawyer or paralegal? 

  • Dukelawren

    Heather, I have a mixed breed that I rescued that looks just like your dog! Where did you get her? I mean identical.