Second time’s a charm



Our dog Morrison was relatively well behaved until 12 years old. One day I came home to this. The wall between the laundry room and the garage was torn out and strewn across the house. We promptly cleaned it up and fixed the wall. Less than a week later he tore it out again.



Submitted by: Rebecca

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  • Ugoguurl

    is there a cat door there? Morrison probably couldnt fit out the cat door but knew that was the way out.  or maybe the neighbors cat or critter was using the door and he was trying to get at it.

    • Buzindon

      Could be.

  • Hollie

    I think it is age. Our dog turned 12 and just “forgot” she was a good dog. She is still mostly a good dog, she just slips up every once in a while.

    • Buzindon

       LOL That just maybe it!

  • Stllez63109

    I’m with Ugoguurl!  It looks like he’s after something in the wall/out the cat door.  Can’t wait for my turn to have a 12y/o dog!!! *Sigh*

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if there’s something in your wall. My friend’s dog was perfectly (mostly) well behaved for a number of years until he managed to chew open part of a wall. Not a big part, but a good sized chunk. They were really mad… until they discovered he was after a small family of rats. They promptly called an exterminator, and it never happened again. 

  • mlmama

    We have 4 puppies that have done this in “their” room, and in the living room next to the door to their room. Little brats. LOL

  • Sacdogtrainer

     It is not uncommon for senior dogs to develop separation anxiety late in life.  This could also be a sign of dementia.

    • Leigh

      Absolutely agree Sacdogtrainer.  This is beyond “funny” and into “dangerous”.  I suggest they get the dog to the vet, as the dog is quite obviously stressing out when left alone. 

  • Lizcristina2009

    My 12 year old Weimaraner x German Short/Point was getting really naughty chewing plastic kennels and distroying things in general.  We think he was having strokes or dementia, as he was really good up til that age, then in the last 6-8 months of his life he was extremely naughty.  We found him in his room, he had passed away and it looked like he had had a fit or somekind.  Poor Buddy,  we miss him terribly..

  • Jemathes1

    This guy looks so sweet to do that!

  • Jemathes1

    This guy looks so sweet to do that!