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ziggy books

ziggy books

Ziggy has good taste in books. When we came home, his tongue was grey with ink. I wonder where he gets the urge to destroy from…? Oh yeah, his brother! Once, his brother Baxter ate a highlighter and destroyed a roll of toilet paper.

baxter highlighter

Submitted by: Tabby

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  • Tasha Mayfield

    just a few things my 2 1/2 year rottie has eatten…A entire baby bath, half a door, half a sheet rock wall, handful of nails, razors from the shower,a whole can of coffee,a whole box of tea and bags (sealed with staples), a whole brand new can of hersheys baking cocoa. and she has destroyed 4 kennels now

  • Amanda Bernard

    @Tasha Mayfield – the first time I saw your comment I read it as “just a few things my 2 1/2 year rottie has eaten…a entire baby” LOL that made me do a double take! 

  • Caryn Fitzgibbon

    Reader’s digest? Ba-dum-dum.