Not extreme enough



The package said “extreme” and “toughest durable formula”. Clearly, Lainey has a much different definition of “durable”.


Submitted by: Allan Shifman

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  • Jaime Keyser

    I bought one of these for my dogs and they shredded it in a matter of minutes i barely got the packaging in to the garbage before it was all gone.

  • Pceasar71

    Bostons can destroy anything!

  • Itzybitzyspider

    a cheap easy toy that keeps dogs real happy is a plastic milk jug here in australia i buy 3 litre milks every time and once they are empty i wash them,dry them out put biscuits inside then give it to my staffy who loves it he goes absolute crazy keeps him amused longer than a proper dog toy.

  • Benjamin Nelson

    My dog should be a “guinea pig” to test new dog toys for durability! I swear he destroys everything he touches

  • Bailey Jacquelyn

    My Goldens were able to destroy Kong toys in a matter of seconds. I just let them play with sticks now.