Ozzy turning my box spring into his man cave

OZzy bear

OZzy bear

In the middle of the night I’ve heard weird things under my bed, this time I got under there and my black pug hand pulled down the fabric covering my box springs and turned it into a mancave complete with panties he had stole from me and his bone. The best part was watching his chubby pug self do the army crawl to get out.

Submitted by: Lisa

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Megan-Haskins/1797857488 Megan Haskins

    HA! Gotta love the pugs!

  • Pugnut

    I have a black pug named Ozzy!  They are too freaking funny!!!

  • Sagemonroe

    A Panties Hoarding Pug, thats a new one!! I bet he sniffs them too!!  LMAO

  • Anneisanne

    LOL!  My cat does the army crawl!  Mostly to get away from me when the carrier comes out….

  • Guest

    My cat did this also, though not with panties included. She just tore up the box spring and made a ton of noise in there while I tried to sleep. I know have one of those Ikea beds with the slats instead of a box spring for this very reason.