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Dog damage

Dog damage

We left for work and school one day and left our Mastiff/Pit puppy teenager in a kennel in my daughter’s immaculate Princess room (the dog is being housetrained).

When we came home, the dog had chewed a hole in the side of the plastic kennel, escaped and gone on a rip through my daughter’s room. The foam pieces in the foreground are carpet padding – but we found no holes in the carpet, so we don’t know how she did that! She not only knocked over the chair, but ripped the seat of it off, too, and had a grand time messing up the bed covers before her royal nap… in the princess bed.

The second photo is the monster in question, looking quizzically at me after I took her outside and asked her why she was so crazy.


Submitted by: Heidi J.

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  • Celia

    I think I love this so called “Monster”…….she is just too cute :)

  • Fieldlane35

    you left a puppy in a small plastic kennel in a ‘princess’ bedroom whilst you went to work………..  
    whats the matter with you…?   
    are you stupid ..?

    IMHO dog was perfectly correct to ‘rip it up’……

    Dumb Owner !!!!!

    • Me111

       well for one this dog is obviously not a “puppy” and it’s destructive behavior shows it NEEDS to be crated when the owners are away. Give it some cheap bones an a small toy to destuff while you are away, it will be fine :)

      • cuttlefish

        It shows it NEEDS to be trained. If needed lock it up in the kitchen or laundry, don’t crate an active dog all day. I’m guessing it also gets crated at night, doesn’t leave much time for it to be out

  • madachode

    Mmmm ,,,,, that animal would be really good for dinner!!

  • Stardust30_99

    wow….If the stupid people in this world actually had brains, IT WOULD BE A MORE SCARIER PLACE….if you dont know how to have a dog…THEN DONT HAVE ONE….

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the kennel is too small. The dog needs to be able to stand up and turn around in it. PLEASE get a larger kennel. That is just being abusive if you leave a dog of that size in a kennel that small for any amount of time.

  • dogophile

    That was a very cruel thing to do to that poor dog.
    But I’m sure you think factory farming is OK too…

  • Sbg21

    It appears that the crate is way too small for your dog, please invest in a new one that properly houses your dog.

  • Sbg21

    It appears that the crate is way too small for your dog, please invest in a new one that properly houses your dog.

  • Oajfkljlkjasljf

    Why’s that dog so crazy? Maybe it’s because you put a large teenaged dog in a kennel when its natural area of activity should be measured in the square-miles range. 

    Kenneling a dog that size for 8-9 hours a day while you’re at work is like forcing a human being to live in the shower all day. Why’s she crazy? Cause you drove her crazy. 

    Look into doggy day care, see if a neighbor can take her, or give that dog to someone who has a fenced backyard. This shit is unreal. 

    • chuck

      Totally agree! I think all kennel traing is wrong, but especially one so small for a large breed. If I knew who you were or where you live I would call the Humane Society or ASPCA and report you for cruelty.

      • Melissa Whisenant

        I know..I dated a guy once that kept a Rottweiler in a cage ALL day and at night…I HATED seeing that….I voiced my opinion, but did no good. :(

  • Christine

    So many people like to criticise but no one offered much insight did they? Dogs can be kenneled for long periods of time. They are den animals and if trained properly the crate is their safe, calm place. Yes, this crate looks too small. A dog should be able to stand up and turn around in a crate. Anything bigger is too big, too small and destruction happens. The dog needs to be exercised before being crated. A good long run, bike ride or walk and training session before the dog goes in for the day. A dog just learning to be in a crate should have someone come home for lunch for a potty break and another walk. Give the dog a good, sturdy toy but if it’s something they can get pieces off of that they can choke on it’s not a good toy. Not too many options for this breed mix. Good luck, your dog is beautiful, take care of him.

    • Melissa Whisenant

      True, but this photo angle really doesn’t show us how big it is.
      I hate the idea of crates and cages. I say “big dog..outdoors; small-med..indoor” or don’t get a dog.

    • Melissa Whisenant

      People just don’t do enough breed and behavior research before deciding on which dog is best for their family & homes. :(