Happy Fun Ball Time



My 17 week old Mini Aussie puppy is a PRO at ruining balls. She seems to think that they are more fun when they are flat. So far we have two beach balls, one dodge ball and now a plastic ball that she has flattened.

Thanks Puppy!

Submitted by: Jessie

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What Used to Be My Bedroom Door

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 1.39.10 PM

Hope is my little 3-legged 22 pound Bulldog / Termite.

I had to remove the door after this… Mind you, she wasnt chewing on it because she was locked IN the bedroom, she would chew on it when it was OPEN!!!

Submitted by: Heather Stinson

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Cat Gets a Head Start on Dinner

This little bundle of hell is Dante, although we sometimes go straight for Satan.  I came home one night to find my freezer door open and Mr.Dante munching happily on about a pound of homemade sausage. Later that same night after finishing my grocery shopping I ran out for 5 minutes to take the dog to do her business. When I came back, Satan was wandering around with groceries wrapped around his head.

Among these things he’s destroyed my couch, box spring, pees in the water dish and the dogs food dish,destroyed countless picture frames, no amount of deodorizer can cover the foul smell he leaves in the litter box 6 times a day and my sanity is almost gone.

Anyone looking for a super lovable cat?

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