Everyone’s a Critic 5

This is Murphy the ferret. He is three years old. After he
destroyed all of his Xmas toys (6-7 different things), he promptly
started in on MY gifts (which were INSIDE a half-zipped suitcase). I
had not even opened the DVD case yet!

He is not normally very destructive; this just goes to show that it
never pays to leave anything within reach of your pet, even a “well
behaved” one who almost always “goes on the paper”, shows no interest
in stealing “people food” and is never caught gnawing through
electrical cords or baseboards (former pet bunnies, I am looking at
ALL of you).

My next house is probably going to force me to have everything stored
at least four feet above the floor at all times…and even then, I am
probably hosed because I miss having cats around.

Submitted by: Lorelei

Ozzy turning my box spring into his man cave 5

OZzy bear

In the middle of the night I’ve heard weird things under my bed, this time I got under there and my black pug hand pulled down the fabric covering my box springs and turned it into a mancave complete with panties he had stole from me and his bone. The best part was watching his chubby pug self do the army crawl to get out.

Submitted by: Lisa