Garbage Massacre 10


Came home to a garbage hurricane. By the look on his face he knew that he couldn’t blame it on anyone else. Maybe he thought I wasn’t coming home and he panicked? Regardless you can’t help but love that face.


Submitted by: Alex Meisner

Dirty Dog 3


Dirt and mud are unnaturally attracted to my white, golden-doodle Tobey. He can’t help it! It is obviously “never his fault” — just look at that face! Personally, I just love the expression of my older golden retrieve, Koda, (inside the house), looking at the two dirty culprits. He is a ‘good boy’ and would NEVER be involved in such shenanigans!
Such is life on a cranberry bog…



Submitted by: Patricia Powers

Blue’s Clues 1


I was sitting on my bed watching tv and our Shorkie Duke jumped up to join me. I noticed his face was blue and couldn’t figure out what happened. Until I walked into the kitchen…..he had been chewing on a blue gel ink pen. There were little blue paw prints all over the floor! Our boxer Daisy was crouched in the corner looking at me like “I was NOT involved.”. Luckily, it came right up and he’s too cute to give away.


Submitted by: Cheri Graalum