Have a Seat



We know bunnies like to chew on things, but ours has ignored our leather recliner for the 5 years she’s been in our home. So, we were fairly confident that investing in a leather couch would be the best route to go. Wrong…..

Szostak 4

Submitted by: Deena Szostak

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This Pretty Much Sums It Up

These two caused THOUSANDS of dollars in damages in their day. Destroyed couches, clothes, records, bay windows (do dogs normally eat glass?). We tried to contain the destruction to one room by putting a baby gate up in a doorway. They ate through the door frame to get out. All in all, I think this picture pretty much sums it up. It’s the only photo they ever destroyed. It’s almost as if they were taunting us. And FYI – this couch was demolished just days after this picture was taken.

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Birthday Cake!



We left the cake to cool for a few minutes and thought it was well out of reach. We came back 10 minutes later to find the choo choo cake for my son’s second birthday destroyed! Good thing we started early and had time to make another one.


Submitted by: Anna

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