Please Remind Me That I Love My dog!

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My husband and our 1 year old English Bulldog, Bubby took a nap together one day and Bubby woke up first and was evidently a little bored!

Submitted by: Kerry

Facebook Caption Contest

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Congratulations captions contest winners!

“Baby is a platter best served sleeping.” Submitted by: Melissa Haggarty – 12 Votes

“Free pudding?! I love this place!” Submitted by: Whitney Hill – 9 Votes

“Once he sleeps off those bottles and gets a look at the dog he brought be to the crib he’s really going to shit himself!” Submitted by: Guillermo Rios – 8 Votes

“It’s all cool, I just took care of the diaper!” Submitted by: Lynn Boertje – 8 Votes

“And they thought I couldn’t get on the bed…” Submitted by: Jessica Hetrick – 7 Vote